Beneath the Caribbean sea, rich and abundant marine life can be enjoyed while snorkelling

Martinique has unparalleled diving spots, including the famous Diamond Rock. With a face mask and regulator in your mouth, dive in backwards to discover the colourful, diverse underwater sea life.

1. An aquatic ballet below the cliffs

Martinique boasts incredible scenery both above and below its seas. The Antilles Islands have plenty of dive spots for fans seeking spectacular underwater adventures. The north is famous for its wrecks and black sand seabed. To the west, in Anses d’Arlet, you'll find gentle currents and an array of seahorses and angel fish. As for the south, it's home to stunning reefs and colourful sights. Beginner or experienced? Take your first dive in the Caribbean and marvel at the diverse, fascinating aquatic ballet performed by its incredible marine life.

2. Shipwrecks with a tale to tell

Following a volcanic eruption, numerous boats were sunk, leaving behind a treasure trove of wrecks for divers to explore. The Saint Pierre wrecks were caused by the eruption of Mount Pelée on 8th May 1902, and have since become a favourite dive spot for both beginner and experienced divers. Dive down and explore ships that now lie between 20 and 80 metres below the surface. Watch kingfish and Japanese conger eels weave around these watery ruins. At night, other marine animals that are attracted to light come out to play. Observe them with your headlamp in a silent world where the only sound you'll hear is from underwater bubbles.