Festivals and events provide a great insight into the lives and beliefs of the locals of any country, and Thailand is no different. If you find yourself in Phuket any time, check out some festivals and special Phuket activities that you can take part in, if there are any available during your trip. There are many large and small scale Phuket festivals that happen all year long, but below are some of the main ones if you are interested in taking a look.

Phuket Old Town Festival

The Phuket Old Town Festival happens annually around the time of Chinese New Year, so if you find yourself in Phuket during that time period, it’s worth checking out! During the festival, most streets in and around Phuket’s Old Town are converted into walking streets where you can check out a massive variety of food stalls and some other stalls selling clothing and other knick-knacks. There are also rickshaw rides and many different types of cultural performances, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can find here at this Phuket festival.


Songkran is a festival celebrated not only in Phuket but all across Thailand. It’s typically celebrated around mid-April and is a festival to mark the beginning of the solar calendar. Traditionally, Songkran marks the beginning of the dry season for agriculture, but in more recent times it has become a joyous celebration where water is splashed and sprayed everywhere. If you come to Phuket in April, join in the splashing activities and be prepared to get wet, especially in the streets of Patong. Leave all your electronics behind or keep them well-sealed in waterproof casings!

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

It may seem like a strange Phuket activity to do compared to the others on this list, but if you find yourself in Phuket in October, make it a point to have a look at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. This festival is celebrated by the Chinese community in Phuket, who believe that refraining from eating meat and indulging in stimulants will put them on the part to good health and a serene mind. This festival is reminiscent of the “Thaipusam” festival in Malaysia, where devotees can be seen engaging in “extreme” acts of devotion like piercing their body with big hooks, firewalking, climbing ladders of sharp blades, and so on. It’s quite a spectacle and can get crowded, but it’s definitely a must-not-miss festival when it happens.

Loi Krathong

Like Songkran, Loi Krathong is a Phuket festival that is celebrated all across Thailand and in some Thai communities outside the nation as well. It usually falls in the month of November, and the date varies by the year. Some of the activities carried out during this Phuket festival include the releasing and floating of krathong or little decorated leaf baskets on the river, as well as the launching of lit sky lanterns into the air. For those who want to take part in the festivities of Thai culture or take very pretty photographs, it’s a good idea to visit this festival if it is happening during your Phuket stay.

Wat Chalong Fair

This is another Phuket festival that happens around the same time as Chinese New Year, and much like the Phuket Old Town Festival, Wat Chalong transforms into grounds for a celebratory colourful fair. There is an abundance of fireworks, as well as dozens of stalls selling items of both the regular and non-regular variety. For the kids, there is usually a funfair they can go to with rides and games, and of course, the fair boasts a wide variety of local Thai performances too.

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