While most people know about Phuket’s adult entertainment scene, many are not aware that there are also other family-friendly options for evening entertainment here. One of those options is Phuket FantaSea, which is a variety park and show with cultural undertones. This Phuket attraction has a number of activities you can enjoy with all members of a family; let’s explore some of them now.

Overview of Phuket FantaSea Cultural Park

This Phuket cultural park is located at Kathu District, and doors open at 5.30 p.m every day except Thursday, when it is closed (there may be exceptions if Thursday is a public holiday in Thailand). For general admission, there are two ticket types you can buy: one with admission to the Phuket Fantasea show only, or another with admission to the show plus a buffet dinner. There are also upgrades you can opt for at an extra cost if you want better seats at the theatre for the show or if you want to enjoy your buffet at the 5-star Suriyamas restaurant instead of the standard buffet offering at the Golden Kinnaree restaurant.

What’s There to See and Do at Phuket FantaSea?

If it’s entertainment you’re looking for at this Phuket attraction, that’s definitely what you’ll get. The main attraction of Phuket FantaSea is arguably the show, which is titled “Fantasy of a Kingdom” This Phuket Fantasea show is performed at 9 p.m on all nights, though occasionally there is also an additional performance at 7.30 p.m. during peak months. The show runs for 70 minutes and prides itself in being a Las-Vegas style glitzy affair with a Thai twist, boasting 150 cast members and a large number of elephants too. Do note that cameras are not allowed inside though.

If you come a few hours early before the show, you can also entertain yourself at Phuket Fantasea’s Festival Village. This shopping street has a variety of items for sale like any tourist attraction, including T-shirts, jewellery, handicrafts, and other trinkets. There is also Hanuman’s Lair here which has games and fun activities for the kids to engage in while Mum and Dad can head to Kamala Pier for drinks and good music.
The onsite Similan Entertainment Centre also has many arcade games and shopping options for the entire family, and the Tiger Jungle Adventure Theatrical Safari where you can see magnificent animals and also learn about Thai legends and folklore with audiovisual effects at the same time.

While opting for the buffet dinner with the Phuket FantaSea show is optional, it’s recommended that you do so to get the maximum enjoyment from your trip here. The Golden Kinnaree is a breathtaking 4,000-seat buffet restaurant where you can dine surrounded by paintings and statues based on Thai mythology. The golden surroundings with soft lighting if sure to enchant you, as will the hostesses who are dressed as the beautiful half-bird, half-women mythology creatures called Kinnarees which the name of the restaurant is derived from. It also is worth noting that the food often gets good reviews from visitors. The upgraded seafood buffet at the Suriyamas restaurant is even more regal in this atmosphere and has more premium food offerings.

Is Visiting Phuket FantaSea Worth It?

If you’re looking for something that will keep everyone in your party entertained, and have kids or elder people with you on your trip, then Phuket FantaSea is definitely worth a trip to. With an exciting show and plenty of other entertainment types like games and food, Phuket FantaSea is sure to delight those young and old. If you prefer to not venture far from your resort to find entertainment, then do consider staying with us at Club Med Phuket. We have an array of activities in and near the resort for all ages too, so it’s unlikely you’d be bored!