At Club Med, the only order of the day is: freedom Your teen can enjoy their holiday at their own pace

Looking for holiday ideas for your teen? At Club Med, we respect their individuality, their rhythm and their wishes. Your teen is free to take part in the activities that interest them, when it suits them. Here "nothing is imposed, but everything is on offer".

A wide choice of sports to enjoy as you please

Taking a holiday with a teen at Club Med means giving them numerous opportunities to discover new things. For example, in summer, you can go trekking or mountain biking together or cheer them on as they win a set in a tennis match. Watch them try out the fun of winter sports, skiing or snowboarding, supervised by their instructor from the ski school, or as night falls, listen as they tell you about their adventures in the mountains.

Membership of Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld

When choosing a holiday with a teen, go for resorts with a Junior Club Med or a Club Med Passworld. In these spaces, they can try out artistic* activities and choose whether to join in, supported by G.Os and with other young people of the same age. At Club Med Passworld, their own refuge, they can dream of winning a prize at the Cannes Film Festival when they make short films, have a go at being a DJ or a magician. Sofas, computers, guitars and karaoke: in the Passworld space everything is designed so that your teen feels at home.

*Offer varies according to resorts

A chance to flourish and grow in confidence

A family holiday with your teenager gives them the chance to make friends easily with other young people of their age. At Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld, the G.Os split the teens into 2 groups: one for 11-13 year-olds, the other for 14-17 year-olds. This offers your teen the ideal setting to have fun, discover new experiences and activities, and grow as an individual.

Camping out under the stars on an excursion

Although Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld offer a sense of familiarity to teens, the excursions* offered by Club Med encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and get some fresh air. In Valmorel, laughter and challenges await them below the peaks with a fun treetop adventure course. On some evenings, they'll get together around a camp fire with kids of their own age and play the guitar before sleeping out under the stars. In Guadeloupe, they can join you on an excursion to Baie des Saintes and step back in time on the ramparts of Fort Napoléon. Enjoy precious family time with them at the zoo** de la Palmyre, under an amazing flock of pink flamingos and get up-close and personal with African animals.

*The offer may vary depending on your resort

**At extra cost

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