Artisanal experiences exceptionally delivered - here in Club Med Finolhu Villas, Maldives. Here are the 4 must-try experiences.

1 - Couple Diving*

Take part in an exclusive dive for two and uncover your marine life surroundings. Discover untouched nature and share unforgettable moments together while being guided to the best spots surrounding the resort.

*At extra cost

2 - Kani as your playground

There is a whole new island to discover at Club Med Kani, a playground of extraordinary adventures just a 5-minute shuttle boat ride away from your paradise.

3 - Spa with a View*

Pamper in the ultimate couples spa experience at our overwater spa where you can look down to see fish swimming from your massage table, or peer out over amazing views of the lagoon.

*At extra cost

4 - Intimate Beach Dinner*

Enjoy a peaceful, romantic setting surrounded by lapping waters, and celebrate beautiful moments amid endless panoramic views. Share a private, once-in-a-lifetime dinner on our white sand beach, and indulge all the senses with your loved ones.

*At extra cost

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