Discover the idyllic beaches of white sand in Brazil, some of the most beautiful in the world

Brazil is a huge country that amazes visitors with the diversity of its landscapes and its vibrant and welcoming culture. With a coastline that stretches for over 7,000 km, it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Come and discover them.

Unmissable: Ilha Grande and Rio

Just two hours by boat from Rio, Ilha Grande is a small unspoilt island full of history. With luxuriant forest, natural waterfalls and turquoise waters, this former pirates' hideout is a paradise for nature lovers who will appreciate the absence of cars. Amongst all the beaches on its coastline, Lopes Mendes is the real must-see. Surrounded by tropical forest, this stretch of white sand extends over 3 km and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

For a stop-off after llha Grande, discover the Club Med Rio das Pedras resort that nestles in the heart of the Mata Atlântica, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. At the foot of this protected tropical forest is the resort's exclusive beach, a setting that is so beautiful, it'll take your breath away. The magical charm of the place, which is one of Club Med's Eco Nature villages, makes it the perfect destination for visitors in search of luxury and opulence.

Stopover in Bahia: Trancoso

Located in the State of Bahia in north-eastern Brazil, Trancoso is a stylish destination that has retained its authentic charm, much to the delight of tourists. Close to this little village is Praia do Espelho, a real paradise with crystal-clear natural swimming pools that are uncovered at low tide: more than enough to satisfy travellers looking for spectacular landscapes.

The lost paradise of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago

Off the coast of Recife, on Brazil's north-eastern shores, the Fernando de Noronha archipelago is an absolutely unique place. This volcanic atoll has a fragile ecosystem and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visits to the atoll are highly supervised. It's quite natural therefore that the world's most beautiful beach should be found there too: Praia do Sancho. This heavenly beach is completely isolated, edged by cliffs and crystal-clear water, and is the epitome of tranquility. Jump into the sea to observe the marine life close up or stroll along the coastal paths to see tropical birds in the luxuriant forest.

The pure waters of this magical place are a refuge for sea turtles, dolphins and sharks, and the richness of the marine flora offers incomparable biodiversity. Dive centres offer excursions so you can explore these wonders of the deep for yourself. An unmissable experience.

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