Last minute travel

Haven’t booked your holiday yet? Leaving it until the very last minute? Good news: at Club Med, we’ve got last-minute travel covered! Discover top destinations and great deals when preparing your last-minute trip, whether you’re booking a weekend away, cruise, or a romantic holiday getaway.

Choosing your last-minute destination

Last-minute travel is possible, whether you’re looking for a holiday by the beach, in the mountains, close to home or on the other side of the world!

Rediscover Asia

Asia is full of diverse landscapes, from oceans and cliffs to mountains and plains. Asia is a great option for anyone looking to book a hassle-free trip without travelling too far from home.

Desperate to discover new horizons? Popular last minute Asian destinations includes :

Places for these highly popular destinations soon book up. A word of advice: if you see a package that suits you, don’t hang around!

Travel further afield and discover the world

Last-minute destinations outside of Asia are also well worth considering, such as Europe – France and Italy, or Africa - Morocco and Tunisia. Discover wildly different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles as well as other exciting surprises when you book a stay in this part of the world. Be bold, opt for adventure!

Why book last minute?

Booking last minute can be stressful and isn’t for everyone. The risk involved may worry some people. That said, there are many advantages (and surprises!) to be had when booking last minute. Planning your stay last minute means you don’t know where you’ll be going: you need to choose a destination quickly.

The benefit of making a last-minute decision? Your choices may take you by surprise! Seize the opportunity to discover a country you may not have otherwise thought of.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to booking last minute is the range of discounts exclusively applied to last-minute bookings. Hotels eager to fill all their rooms offer much more attractive rates than they normally would. Discounted prices can save you a significant amount of money.

Leaving your plans until the last minute is certainly a cheaper option. That said, you may need to make compromises on the destination (country and city), dates and duration of your stay. As places are limited, the flexibility of last-minute packages is also limited. Availability gets snapped up very quickly, especially in the peak travel months.

Heavily discounted prices are also harder to find during peak periods. We recommend booking your trip at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment.

Booking a last-minute stay with Club Med

Find the perfect last-minute trip with Club Med!

A vast choice of destinations

Club Med offers last-minute packages throughout the year. Discover trips to your chosen destination up to one day before departure. Refresh our page regularly to keep ahead of the latest deals!

The option to filter by flight time, date, destination, activities and resort comfort level are still available when booking last minute. You may just find your perfect stay!

High-quality services

Booking with Club Med guarantees a range of advantages and high-quality services:

● Destinations all over the world
● All types of stays (weekend breaks, cruises, romantic getaways, etc.)
● Multiple activities for the whole family

Unpack in comfortable rooms designed by renowned architects and designers at all of our resorts.

All-Inclusive packages

Are you booking an all-inclusive stay at a Club Med resort? You don’t have to do anything, we take care of everything! Your all-inclusive package includes transport, accommodation, catering and refreshments, childcare, and an array of sports, leisure and relaxation activities. At Club Med, comfort and well-being are key!

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