Located in Pahang which is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, both Kuantan and Cherating are idyllic vacation spots that many may not know about. The vibe here is relaxing and easygoing, and a holiday here will rejuvenate your body, mind and senses. Besides beautiful sandy beaches and soft waves, there is also much to do in Kuantan and Cherating that will excite visitors of all ages. Whether you are looking to unwind or to bond with your loved ones, this is the perfect retreat that is both fun and relaxing!

Here are some top attractions you should check out in Kuantan and Cherating:

Top Attractions in Kuantan

Try batik painting or weaving handicrafts: Try your hand at creating local handicrafts, making textiles or batik painting, which you can then bring home as a memorable souvenir. Visit either the Natural Batik Village to learn how to create your own Batik painting or the Pandanus Weaving Center to weave your own straw hats and mats! This is a guaranteed fun time for everyone, kids and adults alike!

Swim at the Sungai Pendan waterfall: Kuantan is famous for waterfalls and this is definitely a must visit when you are in the area! This spectacular spot has not one, but several cascading falls that are sure to delight you. Stand underneath the waterfall and enjoy nature’s massage, and there is also a large pool at the bottom which you can swim in. You can also bring your own food basket and have a picnic here amidst the cooling mist of the waterfall. The suspension bridge also provides an amazing view of the waterfall so snap a picture of two for keepsake!

Visit the Beserah Fishing Village: This is a great activity to get a glimpse of the local life here. At the Beserah Fishing Village, you can learn how salted fish is made and processed. This is a local delicacy that enhances many dishes so you can buy some home and try it yourself! Watch how the villagers use water buffaloes to transport their catch and sell them at the jetty too.

Top Attractions in Cherating

Water sports and cave exploration: Water sports activities like jet skiing, surfing, sailing and kayaking are widely available at Cherating Beach and you should definitely try one of them out. This will be a fun activity for individuals, kids and families! Besides that, there are also caves you can explore too. Some of these caves have unusual rock formation which will surely intrigue you!

Visit the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary: This place is a must visit for all visitors to Cherating as you get to see turtles and be part of the conservation efforts. Located just next to Club Med, this turtle sanctuary is home to rehabilitating sea turtles and you may also see baby turtles that are waiting to be released to the sea. Visitors can also take part in the night tours which will allow you to see the turtles in action, laying eggs by the shore and covering them up with sand. You will return with newfound appreciation for preserving nature!

Join the mangrove river and fireflies tour: Another must do in Cherating is visiting the mystical mangrove river which is home to very diverse flora and fauna. You can choose to join the mangrove river cruise to observe the lives of the many animal and plant species from a boat cruising down the river, or opt for the fireflies tour at night. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience of seeing nature’s version of twinkling Christmas trees!

Explore the Sungai Lembing mines: Located about an hour from Cherating, you will find one of the deepest mines in the world and even get to sit in the minecart to experience what it was like to be working in the mine. Be sure to also check out the local town and markets nearby after the mine tour to get a glimpse of local life here!

Furthermore, Cherating is also home to Asia’s first Club Med, an all-inclusive resort that caters to your every need while providing top class service, facilities and activities. Guests who are staying at Club Med Cherating will find that some of these top things to do are offered either as activities or excursions that you can join as part of your accommodation package. Come join us and enjoy the many fun-filled activities we have curated for you here!