Stretching nearly 3,500 kilometres (2,174 miles) from north to south on the northwest of the Pacific, the island archipelago of Japan covers four distinct seasons.

With so many choices of destinations to explore all-year round, the best time to visit Japan really depends on your preferences as each season offers its own unique weather conditions and experiences. Whether it’s in the warmth of summer or the cool, white winters, find out how Japan is the perfect place to train your mind, body and spirit to grow and flourish all year round.

Climate in Japan

While Japan has an overall temperate climate with four seasons, the northern island of Hokkaido can get temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius in winter, while the southern island of Okinawa has a milder semi-tropical climate averaging at 20 degrees Celsius.

Summer in Japan (June–August) begins with the Baiu, or the rainy season, which then turns into hot and sunny conditions with temperatures as high as 35 degrees Celsius with extreme humidity. Winter in Japan (December–February) in the meantime, transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland, making it the perfect time to ski or relax in hot springs for some apres-ski rejuvenation.

What to Do in Summer

From hiking in nature, visits to flower fields, and cultural excursions to traditional temples or bustling metropolis, Japan in summer offers an exciting host of activities to partake in. No matter what your purpose or interests, whether you’re travelling solo or with family, the choices are boundless.

For the nature lover: Wherever you head to in Japan, you’ll be sure to find a nature lover’s haven. Hokkaido, for instance, is known as Japan’s hidden nature wonderland, with perfect weather, a prime mountain location for hiking, exploring and immersing in wildlife.

For the gastronomer: Enjoy fresh seafood, premium Wagyu beef, and authentic Japanese delicacies for a gastronomic culinary journey that you can only get in Japan. Then settle into a cosy setting and enjoy award-winning drinks such as the Nikka, Yamazaki and locally brewed sakes.

For the cultural explorer: Japan is unique for its meld of old and new. Discover where tradition meets modernity by visiting the temples and sanctuaries of old Japan such as UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Shrines and Temples of Nikko, then dive into modern Japan with its neon-lit streets and popular culture.

What to Do in Winter

During especially cold periods, visitors seeking warmer conditions can head down to Okinawa for a much-needed beach escape, or even head out to explore nearby towns. However, for those who love the snow or are looking for a white winter, don’t look further from the mountains of Hokkaido for a winter getaway.

For the sports enthusiast: Hit the slopes and partake in snow sports and activities for an adrenaline-pumping experience you won’t get anywhere else. Learn to ski at countless of ski schools around the country, then relax after in the hot springs or saunas to let steam off.

For families: Who says travelling with children can’t be easy? Even in winter, there are plenty of snow resorts around offering family-friendly winter getaways. Club Med Tomamu and Club Med Sahoro for instance offer plenty of kids’ activities and family-friendly excursions to ensure that everyone in the family can stay entertained.

Beyond activities and places to see, you’ll find that Japan is timeless and will give you an experience that will enrich every part of your soul, no matter the weather or time of the year.

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