With its proximity to Singapore, Bintan Island is the perfect spot for those looking for a quick weekend getaway that is both relaxing and exciting. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the pristine beaches and lapping waves or have a fun day exploring water sports and villages with your family, there’s something for everyone here!

Here is how you can spend 48 hours on Bintan Island:

Day 1 Morning: Settle in

Once you get to Bintan Island, take some time to settle in and check out the resort that you’re staying in. Most resorts have a variety of activities that you can take advantage of to ease into your vacation. If you are staying at Club Med Bintan Island, this is the best time to explore the many activities on offer such as archery, snorkeling, kayaking and sailing!

For those who want to start their vacation slow, head to the pool or the beachside bar and enjoy the laid back vibe of Bintan Island.

Day 1 Afternoon: Get to know the local cultures

After lunch, this is the best time to explore Bintan Island and get to know the local cultures here. There are several interesting heritage sites here, but it might be worthwhile to check out the first Chinese settlement in Bintan. Located on the southwest part of the island, you will find quite a few temples with majestic sculptures that were built by the early Chinese settlers.

One of the temples that is a must-see is a 200-year-old temple that is partially engulfed by a large Banyan tree. Take your time to soak in the peaceful sight and pray for good fortunes while you’re here. Another temple worth checking out is the Thousand Face Temple known for the many life-size figures of Buddhist statues. The majestic architecture here will wow you while the carefully-manicured garden will be the perfect setting for visitors to go on a nice stroll.

Day 1 Evening: Try local fares in Rimba Jaya

You must be hungry by now, so this is the best time to try out the local fares of Bintan in Rimba Jaya. This local food market is a great place to sample as many dishes as you can stomach, with local delicacies like satay, grilled seafood and more! There is also a Japanese restaurant there if you prefer to try something different, a chic cafe, as well as beautiful murals you can take pictures with.

The cafes can get pretty crowded though so head there early if you can!

Day 2 Morning: Get excited at Crystal Lagoon

Well rested, now you can spend the day with more exciting activities. If you are looking for exciting things to do, head to Treasure Bay where Crystal Lagoon Park is. There, you can try several water sports activities like jet skiing and underwater scooter. This man-made seawater lagoon is also fun for just frolicking in the water and floating about while enjoying a cold drink or two.

Besides water activities, there is also an ATV adventure ride for those who want a bit more thrill and adrenaline!

Day 2 Afternoon: Explore the local life in Tanjung Pinang

Time for some chill exploration after a morning of fun so head to Tanjung Pinang to wander the bustling streets at the heart of Bintan. This is a great place to get some shopping down as there are many street vendors selling everything from dried seafood to souvenirs and street food. Check out the old colonial buildings here and marvel at the heritage of this town.

It is also worth taking a 15-min boat ride to Penyengat Island from Tanjung Pinang to visit this 18th Century fort town. Here, you will find the Grand Mosque, a palace complex belonging to the old Sultan and many historical monuments. Truly a cultural marvel!

Day 2 Evening: End your holiday with a sunset dinner

Alas, all good things have to come to an end. On your last night in Bintan Island, indulge yourself with a beautiful sunset dinner to celebrate your trip. Guests at Club Med Bintan Island can join us on a private luxury yacht cruise and catch the beautiful sunset while sipping on champagne. You can also end your night at The Bagus for some fancy cocktails and dance the night away!

Some of the activities mentioned are offered to our guests at Club Med Bintan Island, where we specialise in all-inclusive holidays for those who are looking for a convenient and comfortable stay. Whether you just want to be pampered at the beach for the whole weekend, or venture to Tanjung Pinang or try out water sports, we have just the right activity for you!

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