So, you’re planning a nice, relaxing getaway to Cherating with your loved ones? Then it’s important that you choose the best Cherating beach resort package you can find, to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as a possible, and leaves you with memories you’ll want to cherish forever. Before you decide on which resort is best for you, here’s a brief overview of Cherating itself.

Cherating: A Quiet But Popular Fishing Village On The East Coast

Cherating may not be a huge place, but many tourists, both domestic and international, visit it every year to get a breather from city life. The village itself is pretty small, and the shops and restaurants you can find in the vicinity are limited. However, if you have transportation, it’s very doable to visit the surrounding localities like Kuantan and Kemamam.

Because Cherating is so quiet and charming, with not that much development, it’s perfect for just a restful trip without too much of a packed itinerary. However, because of this same reason, it’s crucial to choose the right resort to stay in during your Cherating holiday so that you have access to everything you need especially essentials like food, drinks, and access to water sports. After all, this is more of a beach town!

The Perfect Cherating Beach Resort Package

A good Cherating beach resort package provides easy access to restaurants and activities, as these can be in limited supply in Cherating. Let’s start with food. While there are a spattering of seafood restaurants and local stalls in Cherating, as well as one well-known Western food cafe called Ombok Cherating, a variety in food is generally lacking in Cherating unless you’re willing to travel to neighbouring towns. If you’re particular about the quality of your food, then finding a resort with good onsite restaurants where you can order food from is a must for your Cherating getaway.

The same can be said for alcoholic beverages in Cherating. There are only very few bars in the area, and in general, alcohol can be somewhat overpriced in this part of Malaysia. This is partly because alcohol is not commonly consumed in Malaysia’s east coast, and therefore not as accessible as a city like Kuala Lumpur. So, if enjoying your beverages is important to you during your holiday, then find a resort that can cater to that need if you don’t want to be limited in choice.

It’s not that difficult to find water sports vendors in Cherating, especially close to the beach. However, if your resort can help you arrange the activities, it would save you the hassle of finding one for the sport you are interested in. This is more a nice-to-have in a resort, but who doesn’t want an extra convenient stay during a vacation?

Ticking All The Boxes And More: Club Med Cherating Beach

There are plenty of resorts for you to choose from in Cherating, but only one offers you an all-inclusive package that includes food, drinks, and activities in its price. That’s right, we’re talking about Club Med Cherating! Club Med Cherating was the first Club Med to be opened in Asia, and it really does offer what the surrounding resorts cannot. With the one price you pay upon booking, a large selection of food, beverages (with the exception of top-shelf spirits), and also some land and water activities will be available at your disposal onsite at the resort, at no additional cost. This means no hassle for you to look for these basic needs on your vacation, and you can focus your efforts on truly relaxing and enjoying the best of what Cherating has to offer. Book the best Cherating beach resort package now!