Indonesia is a vibrant tropical archipelago of islands packed with many places to visit, and Bintan is just one of many local destinations with a good mix of attractions. The go-to places of interest you can find in Bintan range from cultural to natural, so there’s always something for everyone. To make the best out of your trip, book yourself into our resort and travel without worrying about food, drinks, or leisure activities (it’s all included!). Let’s explore what Bintan has to offer when you visit on a day trip.

Bintan Places to Visit: Temples Galore

Get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the locals when you visit places of worship in the region. These religious temples are must-visit Bintan attractions, and the best place to start is by taking a boat down to Senggarang, where a plethora of different kinds of Chinese temples are available for you to visit. Admire the cultural significance of these temples—which host different deities–that locals have been going to for varying purposes for several centuries. A very interesting Chinese temple to visit here is the Banyan Tree Temple—a former village headman’s home which now houses a place of worship, with a banyan tree overgrowing the building.

Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike are also recommended to visit the 500 Lohan temple, situated not far west from Tanjung Pinang. Here, you can see 500 statues modelled after souls known as “Lohan” or “Luohan” who have achieved nirvana. If you journey to Trikora Beach and look for a small Catholic church there, you may also stumble upon a small grotto housing a statue of the Virgin Mary. This a great place to pray and meditate, especially if you are of the Christian faith.

Indonesia also definitely has is also home to Muslim places of worship as it is a Muslim country. In fact, one of the most well-known places in Bintan to visit is actually a mosque located on Penyengat Island. This mosque can be recognised by its eye-catching yellow and green colour scheme which is perfect for photography lovers to snap a picture of its splendour. Nearby to this mosque are the ruins of an old palace, a reminder of momentous historical events during the ruling of the Johor-Riau kingdom.

Natural Bintan Attractions: Forget the City with A Nature-Themed Adventure

Bintan is famously home to a number of mangrove forests, some of which are located very near to our Bintan Island Club Med resort. Be sure to visit these unique forests where you can spot huge mangrove trees with impressive breathing roots above ground, as well as a colourful array of fruits and flowers unique to the region. These natural wonders don’t just serve as tourist spots; they play a key ecological role in trapping sediment and keeping the coastal waters beautifully clear by preventing erosion of the coast!

Another way to enjoy the natural picturesque of Bintan is via a sunset cruise with your loved one(s). Catch the magnificent ball of light dip beneath the horizon as the sky glows in orange and take this breathtaking moment to appreciate the conviviality and wonder that nature offers. But just wait—the adventures don’t end when the sun sets; when night comes, take a firefly night tour along the mangrove river to watch these bioluminescent critters light up the darkness like fairies in a fairy tale—definitely a Bintan attraction you don’t want to miss out on!

Sample What the Locals Eat: Bintan Food Attractions

Looking for a place in Bintan to experience familiar but locally-made eats? The Akau’ open-air street food night bazaar should be the next stop on your itinerary. This massive hawker centre is unique to its destination and is packed with a variety of food options to choose from, especially if you’re a fan of Chinese and Indonesian-style cuisine. Don’t forget to also visit at least one of the ‘kelong’-style seafood restaurants around Bintan to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood whilst seated overlooking calming waters. It’s an experience that you can’t replicate anywhere else.

Most of the activities above can be arranged through excursions when you stay with us at Club Med. Not only will you get to explore all the tourists hotspots in Bintan and live as the locals do, but all your needs in terms of food, alcohol, and more will be taken care by us as well. Live that luxury life and make the most of your vacation here at Bintan Island!

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