When you holiday in a beach paradise like Cherating, it’s obvious you can do the usual activities like surfing, swimming, and getting a tan; however, there’s no reason you need to limit yourself to have. When you stay at Club Med Cherating resort, you get to try or practice a number of other land sports to keep active as well as get new experience. If you’re wondering what there is to do at Club Med Cherating, then read on!

Unique Experiences At Our Club Med Cherating Resort

Looking for something beyond regular fitness activities? Then, the following may pique your interest! Learn a new skill or brush up on an old favourite you haven’t had much chance to practise.

Archery School

Get into your Robin Hood (or Hawkeye, if you prefer) mode and learn how to shoot a bow and arrow at our archery group classes. First, learn about the safety aspects of archery and familiarise yourself with the equipment, and afterwards, watch the instructor teach you how to aim and shoot like a pro. Lastly, try it out yourself as your instructor guides you and the rest of the group. Increase your agility and focus with this fun and functional class! This class is available for guests above 6 years of age.

Flying Trapeze and Circus School

Always been wowed by what acrobats and circus performers can do? Be circus-ready without actually running away with the circus by joining Club Med Cherating resort’s flying trapeze group lessons. Whether you are a beginner or a returning student, there is something to learn for everyone. Learn how to make your first platform catch when flying through the air, or if you are more advanced, learn how to return, “weap” and “lay out”. Additionally, you can pick up the sweet performance skills called juggling, balancing, and jumping on a trampoline.

Treetop Adventure School (Accrobranche)

For those who prefer to get their adrenaline rush in nature, our treetop adventure school is a must-include in your “what to do in Club Med Cherating” checklist. Gradually make your way through the treetop obstacles high above the ground, and feel the excitement while you indirectly burn some calories. There are two circuits available; one is for children below 12 and the other for teens and adults, so this can be a fun affair for everyone in your entourage.

Everyday Physical Activities at Club Med Cherating Resort to Continue Your Fitness Routine on Vacation

For the days you spend with us that you just want something familiar but still fun and active, we have a variety of common physical fitness activities you can carry out. Who says you can’t keep fit during your holiday?

Yoga Classes

Breathe in the peace and breathe out the stress by joining the group yoga classes we offer. Bring along your little munchkins aged eight and above to join this session by the beach, where you can gracefully bend into poses on your mat and practise calming breathing techniques.

Fitness Classes

Suitable for guests age 16 and above, our curated fitness classes will get your blood pumping and lift your spirits at the same time. Whether you want to focus on strength work or go full-on cardio, inquire about our class schedule and find the class that fits your needs.

Tennis School and Courts

New to tennis? Join Club Med Cherating resort’s group tennis lessons, where you can discover and practice the ins and outs of this popular game. Already a seasoned player? Then, head right to any of the four tennis courts available all day for you to get your game on right away.

Various Sports

Tennis is not the only sport you can play at our resort! We also have a variety of facilities to cater for football games, beach volleyball sessions, squash, badminton, and basketball. For that extra conventional calorie burn, you can opt to hit our cardio and weights room instead.

Rock Climbing and Adventure Walk

Whether it’s the first time you are hitting the rocks or if you’ve been climbing a while, our rock climbing group sessions are fun and exciting times for guests above the age of 11. For those who prefer taking a walk in nature, join our adventure walk which is guided by our wise G.Os and learn more about the local flora and fauna. The panoramic view on the way is definitely a bonus!

Now that you know of the various answers to the question of “What to do in Club Med Cherating?”, there’s no reason to hesitate in making a booking with us! Other than the above, enjoy a wide range of water and entertainment activities, on top of various excursions you can sign up for. Come one, come all!