Just because you are surrounded by beach and ocean at Bintan doesn’t mean that you have to just lounge around under the sun all day. In fact, there’s actually plenty of other attractions you can visit that are not beach-related in Bintan. One of these attractions is the Lagoi Safari Farm, which we offer as an excursion at Club Med Bintan Island.

Where is the Lagoi Safari Farm in Bintan?

The Lagoi Safari Farm is located in Baru City, Telok Sebong. It is a 15-minute ride from Club Med Bintan and is located close to several other attractions such as the Marine Life Discovery Park and Plaza Lagoi. Crystal Lagoon Salt Waterpark is also located close to the Lagoi Safari Farm, and Club Med offers an excursion there too.

What to Expect at the Lagoi Safari Farm

The Lagoi Safari Farm is somewhat of an animal rescue centre that houses a variety of endangered animals as well as a wide selection of birds. The animals you see at the farm are mostly rescued from owners who were keeping the animals illegally, or from the exotic meat/illegal pet trade markets. Animals that are rescued are nursed back to health here and released back to the wild, though if the animal is deemed unfit to be returned to the wild due to whatever reason, they are instead kept and cared for at the farm itself. Among the animals you can see and photograph at Bintan’s Lagoi Safari Farm are elephants, komodo dragons, crocodiles, sun bears, orangutans, and many more. At the aviary, you will also be able to view different kinds of birds.

Besides being a farm with animals and birds, the Lagoi Safari Farm in Bintan also serves as an eco-farm where you can learn more about sustainable, eco-friendly cultivation of crops. This 17-hectare area of greenery is home to tropical crops of like rice, peanuts, papayas, dragonfruit, and more, as well as some species of flowers like sunflowers and lavender which are perfect for your Instagram feed. You can also see fish being reared organically here.

At the end of the tour, you have the option to taste some of the fruits you have seen growing on the farm and enjoy them with some tea to end your half-day trip to Lagoi Safari Farm. If you join the Club Med Bintan excursion here, you will also be whisked away to a seafood restaurant after your visit for your lunch/dinner (depending on the time of day) for a good meal before the end of the excursion.

Other Excursions Offered by Club Med Bintan Island

Besides the Lagoi Safari Farm, you can also join other excursions that we offer to better understand Bintan and its non-nature offerings. This includes excursions to Tanjung Pinang and Tanjung Uban, where you can learn about Bintan’s history and local culture. There is no shortage of nature-related excursions too, including one to go traditional fishing with the local fishermen or simply doing deep-sea fishing to catch your own fish.

Besides excursions, you can also engage in an array of land and water sports offered by us, and gastronomically make yourself happy with the all-day dining offered by our onsite restaurants. Not to mention, you get a free flow of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst throughout the day. For the complete and most enjoyable Bintan getaway experience, be sure to stay at Club Med Bintan Island!

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