Bali is an island that has everything you can ever dream of for a vacation: beautiful white beaches, tropical weather, interesting local culture, wonderful food and friendly people.

Located in the tranquil Nusa Dua, Club Med Bali offers all-in-one holiday packages so that you can enjoy your holiday without having to do tons of homework and planning before and during the trip. Here are some of our top leisure activities thoughtfully curated for visitors to Bali, whether it’s your first or tenth time visiting!

Be captivated by our Balinese dancing show

One of the top things to do in Bali is to watch a traditional Balinese dance. The primarily Hindu culture and religion in Bali dates back to the 1st Century and has tremendous influence on the Balinese way of life. This ancient dance tradition is dynamic and expressive, and has been used as a storytelling medium for centuries.

Sit back and enjoy a night of mesmerising dance performance in the starry sky of Bali, and you may even try learning some of these dance moves on your own! Not only that, our bar will also be transformed to a lively spot after dinner so that guests can experience the festive ambience of Bali and dance the night away!

Be invigorated by our pool activities

There are three pools available at our resort: a freshwater overflow pool, a quiet pool by the sea with drinks, and the Club Med Spa by MANDARA pool for spa clients. At our swimming pool, we offer Aquafitness group lessons for those who are looking for gentle exercises that are both fun and effective.

If you prefer something more energetic, come join our water polo games where you can meet new people and play a fun game of water polo together.

Be moving with our indoor sports selection

If you would like to get moving but being in the pool is not your idea of fun, fret not as we also have petanque (boules) and table tennis available. These are freely available to all guests of Club Med Bali and we guarantee it will be a fun time for your and your family or friends!

Acquire a new language or cooking skills

One of the best ways to get to know someone is by speaking their language and eating their food, and what better place to learn than in Bali! Learn how to speak Bahasa in our weekly lessons, which will definitely come in handy as you explore the rest of Bali and use the common words and phrases learned.

If culinary activities is more up your alley, come and learn how to cook Balinese dishes with us. Balinese cuisine can be complex with its spices and flavours but our in-house chefs will make these gastronomy lessons so simple that anyone can experiment on their own. Impress your loved ones upon your return from Bali with not just souvenirs but some authentic Balinese dishes!

Be mesmerised by the sunset

At Club Med Bali, we sure know how to make the best of our destination for our guests. Come catch the enchanting sunset by the sea at our Sunset Cruise and you will definitely have an unforgettable view. Bali is the perfect place for sunset watching, so make sure you capture a picture or two with your loved ones on this cruise! This hour-long cruise is available for all guests above the age of 8.

Vacations at Club Med Bali are never dull as our activities are designed to infuse the local culture and flavour so that our guests experience the best even at the comfort of the resort. Book a package with us today or speak to our travel advisor if you’d like to find out more!

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