Planning a visit to the beautiful beaches of Cherating soon? While the relaxation aspect will be similar to other beach getaways, there are certain Cherating attractions and food you should try when you arrive at this charming place. Whether you’re a Malaysian or coming from another country, there’s plenty to do and see at Cherating without feeling too tired and taking away from your much-needed relaxation time.

Cherating Food: What Should You Try Here?

Cherating isn’t very well-known for its food, but one thing you should try here is the seafood. There are several seafood restaurants in Cherating, and a quick Google search will point you to the nearest ones to you. However, for better Cherating food options, it may be best to go to the nearby Kuantan town or Kemaman district.

In Kuantan or Kemaman, visiting Hai Peng Kopitiam is a must, with a restaurant outlet in both places. This local restaurant has a selection of Malaysian breakfast classics like kaya butter toast, half-boiled eggs, nasi lemak, and more. Be sure to pair these foods with their signature Hainanese coffee. Don’t miss Restoran Ana Ikan Bakar Petai in Kuantan too, with has several outlets you can choose from. As is in its name, this restaurant is best known for its delicious ikan bakar (grilled fish). The very adventurous can also head to Akob Patin House in Kuantan, which is famed for its patin tempoyak which is a local fish cooked with fermented durian. It’s a signature Pahang dish that is an acquired taste for some, but hey, if you don’t try, how would you know how you feel about it?

If you’re headed to Kemaman instead, then be sure to put Tong Juan Seafood on your itinerary and try their well-known stuffed crab, alongside other seafood goodies. You should also try the nasi dagang available at local Malay restaurants here, which is very popular on this side of Malaysia. The combination of coconut milk rice and a variety of different curries is sure to put a smile on your face. Of course, if you want to eat food at Cherating itself without having to go to other towns, then Ombok Cherating Surf Cafe is an option with your usual cafe fare. Alternatively, you can stay with us at Club Med Cherating because we have two amazing onsite restaurants you can eat both local and international cuisines at. Definitely the most convenient option!

Cherating Attractions Not to Miss Out On

After you've filled up on the delicious local food, you can visit Cherating's various attractions. Besides the obligatory visit to the beach, the Cherating River is another must-visit location. This mangrove river is home to a diverse wildlife population from mangrove trees to eagles. There are two cruises on the river: the daytime mangrove river cruise and the evening firefly river cruise, both of which make for a magnificent experience in Cherating.

Another famous destination here is the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. Established in 1972 and opened to the public in 1998, it acts as a hatchery to protect turtle eggs until they hatch, after which they'll release the baby turtles into the sea. Here, you can see hatchlings and adult turtles and learn more about the local turtle population. If you come during nesting season between June and October, you'll even get to take part in releasing the baby turtles into the South China Sea.

Other attractions in Cherating that you should check out are the local night markets and the local fishing village where you can get a taste of local village life. Don't forget to go on a tour of nearby Kuantan town where you can find historical landmarks such as the Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, and Lao Zi Temple. If you're up for an underground adventure, visit Sungai Lembing Mines, one of the deepest tin mines in the world!

Now, you should be able to find your way to the best food and attractions at and around Cherating. Alternatively, you can stay at Club Med Cherating and have everything taken care of. Besides providing all-day meals and drinks that isn’t limited to just local offerings but includes international cuisine from Europe and other parts of Asia as well, we also have a variety of activities at our resort and can even arrange excursions to the best attractions around Cherating so you won’t have to worry about seeing all you can. Make your booking with us now!

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