One important consideration when you go on holiday with the family is if there are suitable activities for your kids. Fortunately, Cherating and Kuantan have a host of fun attractions that promise to keep you and your little ones occupied. From getting up close with nature to painting your own batik fabric, your time will be occupied with fun things to do in Cherating. If you're planning a trip to Cherating or Kuantan with the family, here are the top things to help you get wild with your kids and uncover your family’s wild side.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

The Cherating Turtle Sanctuary is a great place for both kids and adults. Established in 1972 and opened to the public in 1988, it acts as a turtle hatchery to protect the turtle eggs laid in the area. Here, you can learn all about local sea turtle species such as the Green, Hawskbill, and Olive Ridley Turtles.

You can view adult and cute baby turtles, which will surely inspire your kids to learn more about wildlife and care for their environment. For a unique experience, you can watch turtles as they come to Cherating Beach to lay their eggs and even release baby turtles into the sea. Spending time at the sanctuary is one of the best things to do in Cherating with kids, and as a parent you’ll be inspired by your own kids as they take their first steps in learning about animal conservation.

Chukai Night Market

If you're after some good east coast street food or if you just like visiting night markets, the Chukai night market is a must-visit. This night market is one of the larger ones in the area and is worth visiting with the family. Besides street food like ayam percik, takoyaki, and satay, you can also find all kinds of other items from local fruits to clothes, which will add to your understanding and appreciation of cultures beyond your own worldview. The best thing about the night market is, it's only about 20 minutes away if you stay at Club Med Cherating.

As you can see, Cherating and Kuantan have numerous fun activities for the family. If, however, you'd prefer to spend most of your time relaxing at a resort, we got you covered. With Club Med Cherating's all-inclusive holiday package, you get accommodation, free all-day dining, access to swimming pool and beach, as well as a host of fun activities at your disposal.

Natural Batik Village

If your kids like crafts and painting, visiting the Natural Batik Village is a fantastic thing to do in Cherating. It combines a batik factory, crafts centre, and batik shop in one complex location, making it truly worth your time. You can take your kids here to learn about the traditional art of batik and even learn to colour your own batik pattern and bring it home as a token reminder of the culturally rich and informative experience that is sure to transform your soul.

Besides that, there are batik T-shirt painting and tie-dye workshops if you're after the complete experience. At the souvenir shop, you can find all kinds of batik products and crafts including batik T-shirts, sarongs, scarves, and more.

Mangrove River Cruise

The Cherating River is a beautiful mangrove habitat that you and your kids can explore on a mangrove river cruise. The mangrove river is home to various species of flora and fauna including nipah and mangrove trees, otters, snakes, migrating birds, eagles, fireflies, and many more.

There are two cruises that run on the river; the daytime mangrove river cruise and the evening firefly river cruise. Both activities provide a unique experience where you can learn about the local wildlife and be enriched by the knowledge about the tropical world around you. Cruising the river is on the list of top things to do in Cherating so be sure to bring your kids along.

While you relax by the pool or at the spa, your kids can learn the flying trapeze, rock climbing, sailing, play table tennis, go on a nature walk, and more. It’s the perfect go-to location to get wild with your kids and uncover your family’s wild side, so book a stay at Club Med today!