Travelling is so enriching for kids. Apart from being a break from the digital world, young ones can discover the world with new eyes and learn the ways of the world. Discover below 5 reasons why you should take your kids on an international adventure and help them learn and grow into their best selves from the rich experience of travel.

#1 - Appreciating new cultures

Appreciating new cultures starts with the discovery of new surroundings, new food, new climate. This total new environment is the perfect opportunity to appreciate what the world has to offer to those open to discovering it.

At Club Med, our G.Os, G.Es and GM’s embrace the word “multicultural”. More than 100 different nationalities are represented within the 75 resorts of Club Med worldwide. With a culture of open-mindedness and tolerance, Club Med creates an environment that facilitates interaction, learning and discoveries of other cultures—perfect for inspiring the young ones as well as their parents to thrive and be their best selves.

#2 - Making new friends

At Club Med, you can meet new people every day thanks to the activities, the Kids Club, sports and much more. You’ll find that your kids will quickly learn that friendship can be forged everywhere they want it to be!

What about learning a new language with new friends from all over the world? Plus, they can keep in touch when they’re back home and bring all these friendship memories along with them, to keep, treasure and become part of who they are for many years to come.

#3 - Spending real time with their families

Back to basics! With phones and computers switched off, you can finally make way for real family time. With numerous activities, sports and also special programmes, you can be sure you and your kids will make for lost time at Club Med! Also, discover the Amazing Family program launched by Club Med to help families create new memories together and strengthen bonds with fun activities.

The bond families share thanks to their travels is unbreakable and has created memories that will last a lifetime.

#4 - Learning about nature and the environment

Learning outside of textbooks, your kids can see, feel and live each experience in direct contact with nature and learn how the environment and the planet are important factors to take into account in their everyday lives.

Our “Super Radish” programmes and Pedagogical Garden sensitize children to healthy and responsible nutrition, teaching them about plants’ needs and how to grow fresh vegetables, helping you mould them responsible citizens of the world.

We believe in helping kids better understand and appreciate the **local environment **through fun and inspiring activities. They’ll never forget seeing the turtles hatch at Club Med Bintan Island, or discovering fishes’ ecosystem on the underwater trail at Club Med Kani.

#5 - It’s making them grow even better

It’s all about what they learn and new “soft skills” they experience for the first time in their lives.

Kids here gain skills like being adaptable, being kind, curious, being open to new things and being open to multiculturalism. It allows not just kids but their family to learn and strive to become better people—the best kind you can be.

Discover more about all the initiatives Club Med is doing for the kids and their parents for a full family experience together!