Eco-construction, interior design, convenience and elegance: see behind the scenes of your next holiday destination

Make the most of your Club Med all-inclusive holiday and relax. Come and stay in an environmentally friendly building with architecture that enhances the beauty of the site. In your bedroom, chalet-apartment or private villa, designer creations inspired by nature and local culture blend.

Enjoy your holiday in the heart of a protected natural environment

Club Med has always taken care to create architecture that respects the environment and blends into the natural surroundings. The surrounding vegetation is protected as far as possible. The architecture allows light in and opens to the outdoors, so you can admire the beauty of the landscapes, both in summer and in winter. Like Les Arcs Panorama, in the Alps, where the huge picture windows of the resort give the impression of being in a hollow in a sea of pine trees. On Mauritius, the varangues* at the Albion Villas provide a link between your bedroom and private garden.

*Open-sided verandah

New environmentally friendly projects

Between three and five new Club Med resorts open every year. From Magna Marbella in Spain, to Michès Playa Esmeralda in the Caribbean, and [Charlevoix]/r/quebec-charlevoix/w in Quebec, each project is committed to protecting biodiversity.

Environmentally friendly materials are favoured during construction. For example, the resort of Guilin is home to the first natural swimming pool in China. In the Maldives, the Finolhu Villas are equipped with 6,000 m² of photovoltaic panels, providing 30% of the resort's energy needs. Water recycling and the prevention of soil erosion are also major challenges for Club Med.

Giving each Resort a strong identity

Each Club Med resort reinterprets the local culture and architecture in its own way. The resort of Val Thorens Sensations follows this plan: a contemporary centre and more traditional accommodation.

Club Med encourages architects to make each of their projects a "signature". That is, a recognisable place with a strong identity. The building confirms its architecture, whilst remaining modest in the face of the natural spectacle around it. Examples: Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, in the Alps, emerges from the snow with its sloped grass roof and Les Boucaniers, in Martinique with its smile-shaped pontoon.

Indoor and outdoor spaces designed with your comfort in mind

Inside, the decoration and design of the bedrooms, living rooms and even the bars and restaurants are a reinterpretation of the resort's environment. Colours, motifs and textures reflect the jungle, seaside or mountains. You will also see nods to regional traditions. The decor is both a point of reference and an invitation to daydream.

Velvet armchairs or carved wooden staircases: your comfort is our interior architects' and lighting designers' prime concern. They do everything in their power to create a unique welcoming atmosphere at the heart of your holiday destination. Outside, landscapers invite you to explore their extraordinary gardens. Planted with multicoloured flowers, fruit trees and bushes with amazing shapes to satisfy your senses.

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