Sanur is small seaside town unlike the bustling beaches of Kuta and Legian. Instead of rushing waves and party hubs like those found on the west coast of the island, Sanur has quieter beaches and some interesting attractions that can complete your Bali holiday. If you're keen in exploring East Bali, read on to find learn more about the best things you can do in Sanur.

1. Go for a Walk Along The Sanur Boardwalk

Sanur's Coastline is paved with a brick pathway that follows the coastline and is a great place to go for a leisurely walk. Being next to the sea, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the refreshing sea breeze while you walk. There are lots of restaurants and cafes along the way making it easy to stop and have some refreshment as well. There's plenty of space on the paths so you can often see families frequenting the boardwalk with young children.

2. Visit Pura Blanjong and The Blanjong Pillar

Pura Blanjong is a small Hindu temple in South Sanur. Besides seeing regular devotees daily, it also houses the Blanjong Pillar, one of the oldest historical artifacts in Bali. It dates back to the year 914 AD and was established by the first king of Bali, King Sri Kesari Warmadewa. The pillar is housed in a protective glass enclosure and bears inscriptions in Sanskrit and Old Balinese.

3. Visit The Turtle Conservation and Education Centre

If you don't fancy getting in the water to see wildlife, you can do that at the Bali Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. Located on nearby Serangan Island, the centre was opened in 2006 and functions to educate the public and eradicate illegal turtle trading on the island. It's a great place to visit with your family as you can see baby turtles up close and learn all about these gentle creatures.

4. Walk Among Orchids at The Bali Orchid Garden

If you like flowers, then the Bali Orchid Garden should be on top of your Bali holiday list. It houses more than 100 species of orchids, some of them very rare. Some of the varieties you can see here include leopard orchids, scorpion orchids, and more. Besides enjoying the beautiful sight and smell of the orchid garden, you can also buy perfumes and hermetically sealed orchids.

5. Go on a Day Trip to Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a small island off the southeast coast of Bali, and is a short boat ride from Sanur. You can snorkel in the clear waters off the island's coast, explore the traditional village, or lounge on its relaxing beach, all in a day's trip. If you stay at Club Med Bali, we can even arrange a cruise for you there, with a mouthwatering lunch provided and more.

6. Shop at Pasar Sindu Night Market

A visit to the Pasar Sindu Night Market if you want an authentic experience exploring East Bali. The market offers a large variety of tasty local street food from nasi goreng to satay. You can also find shops selling inexpensive clothes, footwear, and everything you'd expect to find at a bustling night market. Located on Jalan Pasar Sindu, the night market comes to life every evening.

7. Visit Museum Le Mayeur

The Museum Le Mayeur is one of the most unique and underrated attractions in Sanur and indeed, Bali. The museum is actually the former home of the Belgian artist Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Mepres. He lived in Bali until 1958 and has made numerous paintings of his wife, Ni Wayan Polok Tjoeglik who was a Balinese dancer. Besides enjoying the various artworks, architecture, and garden in the museum, you can also learn more about the artist and his life in Bali.

Being a quaint town away from the heart of Bali's tourist hub, you probably wouldn't expect to see much in Sanur. However, as listed here, you can see that it actually has a lot to offer. If you're looking for quality accommodation with easy access to Sanur and other top attractions, check out Club Med Bali. We not only provide exceptional service and facilities but also various fun activities and excursions to complete your Bali holiday.